Sunday, 19 August 2012

sandwich bread

So what happens when you have an odd craving for white sandwich bread and have none at home?

Answer: You try and make it. At least that was my solution.

The Loaf
My picture doesn't do it justice.. It just doesn't look as good as the website where I got the recipe. I'll definitely need to work on this though since it wasn't exactly what I wanted. The bread turned out to be nice and sort of fluffy, but not as airy as I wished it would be. In my case, I think the second 4 1/2 cups of flour was a little too much. I think maybe just 4 cups would be better. My bread turned out a little dense, but the taste was still good.

Up Close and Personal with Mr. Bread
I still haven't toasted the bread, but I shall with my blueberry jam that I spotted in my pantry. Haha, one more thing I miss from the trip: Nutella. There would also be some for breakfast, at least in France... Italy and Switzerland offered an alternative version of the hazelnut spread. I even found a recipe book dedicated to recipes with Nutella at a service station! French people sure do love their Nutella.

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