Friday, 24 August 2012

classic chocolate chip cookies

It's amazing that I still don't have a chocolate chip cookie post. This is a staple to my baking and I have been making these cookies for ages. Last night was the perfect opportunity to bake them since there was a surprise gathering for a friend that's leaving for AB. He will be missed! I did not have that many pictures since my dad's camera decided to die on me while I was taking pictures. So the quality of the following pictures isn't as nice as the others. A Canon PowerShot SD600 doesn't take as great pictures as a Nikon D5000! 
Plain advertisement, but no fluffy decorations
I took the liberty of attempting to package it nicely. Unfortunately, yesterday was pretty hectic and I did not have much time to decorate it more neatly (but I did treat myself to the SPA with L. :) The next thing that I'll need to work on is making uniform cookies. Haha, the shape is pretty.. unique! Maybe because I was rushed and did not take as much time to make each of them round. But a good ice cream scooper is at the top of my to-buy list! I love these cookies because their soft and chewy, also my family's favorite. A lot of the chocolate chip cookies end up being hard and brittle, but my favorite ones have to be tender.

After a long day and very early morning of biking, it's nap time. :)

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