Wednesday, 29 August 2012

carrot muffins

There are so many recipes out there for carrot cake/muffins. It was really hard to find one that had all the ingredients I wanted to use. I stumbled upon a recipe for something called morning glory muffins. The name itself sounds delightful! I don't know where that name come from, but it contained grated carrots and unsweetened shredded coconut, two ingredients that I was keen on using (the coconut was left over from the time I made macaroons). If anyone does know why those muffins are called so, please let me know!
baby carrot muffin with his parents

The muffins I ended up making were not morning glory muffins. I didn't have any apples at home so I ended up mixing up two recipes together to make my own concoction! I used crushed pineapples rather than grated apples and maybe a little too much of it. I also tried using oat flour. Haha, my recipe is still in progress! The muffins did turn out nice and moist, but my carrots are a little too coarse. I was lazy and took my food processor to do it... but it's not thin enough. Next time I will need to do it by hand with my grater.

can you spot the pineapple chunks?
And I still have a little under two cups of grated carrots I need to finish. Thank goodness it's not like earlier this week with the zucchini. I still have some zucchini bread left in my fridge! Time just flies. It's going to be September in a few days and the sun has been setting early everyday. Summer went by so quickly, but it was well spent. I feel relaxed and ready for CA school again and starting full time at work. :)

the muffins

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