Wednesday, 24 October 2012

cinnamon pull apart bread

While blogging for the past few months, I realized certain patterns in my baking behaviour. First, I seem to love muffins. They are so quick and easy to make so no wonder. Second, I love cookies. And lastly, cinnamon always finds it way into whatever I bake. I decided to make something different today. It sort of feels like a baking slump where I need to try something more challenging or different, away from my cookies and muffins. This cinnamon pull apart bread has been on my "to bake" list for a while actually, even before I start blogging. I never had the time to actually make it and so here it is!

cinnamon pull apart bread
I slightly overcooked my bread as you can notice the burnt tips of my poor little bread. However, the taste and texture are amazing! Both sweet and soft :) It really does taste like the inside layers of a cinnamon bun. From the first picture it doesn`t look THAT bad.. but when it was baking, it felt like it was overflowing in my loaf pan. I was pretty worried sugar would fall into my oven and it'd catch on fire or something.

There are still adjustments to make to this awesome pull apart bread, and I will definitely retry making it next time! :)

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