Sunday, 17 March 2013

l'emprise de la gourmandise

After nearly half a year, I am still alive! Busy season didn't quite eat me up completely. I can't believe that it's soon already over. Here is a little snippet from my holiday baking. Unfortunately, I did not manage to take as many pictures as I wanted during the Christmas holidays.

mini carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese icing

And yes, you might have noticed that the blog name changed (thank you L for the AWESOME and AMAZING name, clearly only you can come up with something this eloquent ;). I actually received a message from the owner of Delices et Caprices, another food blogger. Although her (or him?) words were pretty short and blunt, I did have the same name as theirs. I clearly didn't do my homework by checking out if it existed before. So, to avoid any further confusion, I decided to change blog name which was a tedious task, but much easier thanks to L ;)

So I officially welcome you to "l'emprise de la gourmandise". Don't shy away from gluttony ;)

brownie cookies


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