Monday, 10 September 2012

eggplant lasagna

Last week, I bought some Chinese eggplants with my aunt. We split them together since we bought quite a few. My aunt was going to make a lasagna and I wanted to make ratatouille. But, when I found out that I needed much more ingredients than what I had at home, I switched and decided to try out a pasta-free lasagna. The turn out? I wished I cut my eggplant slices more evenly, haha.

It actually took me maybe a total of 4 hours, including the time to bake it afterwards. I never thought it would take so long! I even did some of the preparation yesterday to speed up the process, but it still took so much time. I think preparing the lasagna sauce was the longest part since I started from scratch. I also had to pan fry my slices of eggplant on a skillet with some EVOO brushed on each side.

The result? You can see it for yourself!

an early supper
I really love how the slices come out of the baked pasta. It's really nice to look at, but I did make a mistake while assembling it: I forgot a layer of cheese. Better luck next time then! Also, I didn't really think it through when I made this. I think I'll be eating this for a while too... It's such a big dish!

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