Tuesday, 17 July 2012

when pancake and crepe meet.

With two extra ripe bananas in the fridge, I didn't seem to have the time to make my morning oatmeal, at least I was not in the mood. It'd be a lie if I said I didn't have the time. Being on vacation, it seems that I lost track of it! It's hard to even remember what day it is. Everyday sort of feels like a Saturday.

Banana Crepes
Anyhow, I decided to make my mom's signature banana crepes or pancakes. It's not thin enough to be a crepe, but not thick and fluffy like a pancake. I guess that means this is a hybrid. It tastes very banana-y. I wish I had more bananas.. I only got a dozen out of two bananas. I find it funny how it doesn't look very appealing on one side as the picture below. The other side looks much nicer though!

Ah! It's the ugly side!!

I was playing around with the camera and took an uberly close shot of the crepes as well.

Close up
There's no recipe for this one. It was sort of made out of things I had in the fridge. With yesterday's macaroons, I had 2 egg yolks left so I used those and the leftover bananas as well! And of course flour, sugar, vanilla and milk! Though all the credits goes to Mum who looked at my batter and helped me out with it!

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