Wednesday, 24 April 2013

gnocchi in tomato broth

Part-time school is finally over! Thank goodness that I will have week weeks of "freedom", in quotation marks as I still have work. I clearly didn't fully enjoy life as an undergraduate student, especially those amazing three-day weekends (pure bliss!). As a post-exam celebration, I finally attempted in making gnocchi! I had this odd craving for them maybe two or three month ago, and so here it is!

When I planned on making gnocchi, one of the first things I wanted as part of the sauce, was nothing cheesy or drenched in cream. I find that a lot of the gnocchi served in italian restaurants in my area to be too rich. I stumbled upon this recipe when flipping through Smitten Kitchen's cookbook which I'd highly recommend! Her recipes are simply amazing! And this one did not prove me wrong.

I thought it would take decades before I can finally make these tiny pastas, but it was not that hard and I was really surprised on how simple it was! One thing that I will need to try next time, is using a different type of potato. The recipe called for russet potatoes, but I used white potatoes. It was a little hard to work with as I had to add a lot of flour to actually be able to roll my dough, much more than what the recipe called for.

However, the tomato broth was heavenly! The white wine really adds a kick to it whole broth. The recipe did mention straining out your cooked veggies, but I honestly prefer keeping them with my gnocchi. It might not be the right way of doing it, but I thought that it was yummier that way (and how could you leave out poor veggies!). Anyhow, I will definitely try remaking these in the future with hopefully the proper ingredients!

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